Tire Lifts


Increase productivity with the air operated wheel lift LM-200. The Lift Mate 200 is easy to use and constructed with extra strong steel. BUY NOW.


  • (4) High quality swivel casters (rear casters lock) for maximum maneuverability with minimal rolling resistance.
  • Single lever control and valve – provides responsive and easy positioning.
  • Air operated – Just connect shop air (no batteries required).
  • Offset column for full access to lug nuts and easy and quick installation onto the wheel balancer or changer.
  • The tire rotates with little effort on the two rollers providing easy alignment of the wheel and hub.
  • The LM-200 wheel and tire lift will greatly reduce your exposure to shoulder and back injuries.
  • Made in the USA.


Heavy lifting accounts for 20% of all workplace injuries. The tire and wheel assembly for some passenger cars, suvs and trucks can weigh as much as 160 pounds, making it very difficult for one person to comfortably and safely lift and set in place. This rechargeable mobile unit is powered by two 12V batteries wired in series resulting in a powerful 24V output. The LM-200-R2 is a powerful lift that will be a workhorse for many years. BUY NOW.


  • Lifts up to 200 lb. tire/wheel assemblies
  • Rises to full height in approx. 10 seconds
  • 24V battery and charging system INCLUDED!
  • Steel tire rollers for easy lug nut alignment
  • Offset design allows easy access to lug nuts
  • Easily transport tire assembly to balancer or tire changer
  • Foot lever brake ensures you are locked in place
  • Heavy duty swivel, locking casters provide easy and safe movement
  • Made in the USA


Lifting tires and wheel assemblies on today’s vehicles can weight as much as 350 lbs. and can be difficult and dangerous for one person to mount and demount. The off center column design of the LM-350 allows for easier access to lug nuts, wheel balancers and tire changers. Dual rollers that allow independent rear dual wheel rotation. The LM-350 has variable speed control for raising and lowering wheel assemblies safely. BUY NOW.


  • Height: 61″
  • Width: 38″
  • Length: 42″
  • Weight: 235 lbs
  • Lifting Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Rise Time: 6 seconds
  • Convenient tool tray
  • Maximum roller height: 41″
  • Made in the USA


The Air Operated LM-500 helps improve productivity and reduces the risk of injury for today’s modern shop. The steel rollers with high quality bearings allow tires to rotate with ease for lug nut alignment. Under maximum load the LM-500 maneuvers easily with the high quality swivel casters. Use your shop air to operate the LM-500 (no batteries required). BUY NOW.


  • Lifts up to 500lb.
  • Convenient tool tray
  • Maximum roller height: 44″
  • Height: 72.85″
  • Width: 42″
  • Length: 47″
  • Weight: 300 lbs
  • Rise Time: 6 seconds
  • Made in the USA

Potential Insurance Savings

Mandatory use of the LM-200 when removing or installing a wheel/tire assembly exceeding 50 (you decide what maximum weight) pounds may reduce your insurance costs. Make sure this requirement is added to your employee handbook and make a few safety posters displaying this safety requirement. *****DISCUSS THIS WITH YOUR INSURANCE AGENT, REGULATIONS CHANGE STATE TO STATE*****

How to Order:

Call your equipment distributor of choice. The LiftMate line is approved by most of the vehicle manufacturers and is available through their approved tool and equipment programs like GMDE, Rotunda, TechMate, MOPAR, MBUSASSEP, ToyotaADE and others.