Rolling Jacks

Pneumatic Rolling Jacks


Pneumatic rolling jacks available in 3 models with different weight capacities providing capabilities for most lifts. Made in the USA. Click on the following links to order the following:
RJ 6000 – 6000 lb capacity
RJ 7000 – 7000 lb capacity
RJ 8000 – 8000 lb capacity


  • Full pneumatic operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable, versatile and easy to use
  • No Hydraulics to leak
  • Lifting height is 8″
  • In the stored position it is flush with runway

JW-9000 Rolling Jack

This scissor style rolling bridge jack offers the ultimate in jacking speed and convenience. It provides you with the ability and added versatility to raise 2 or 4 wheels off the runways for service work such as brake jobs and suspension work. The Rolling Jack can be easily moved out of the way when space is required.
This jack comes complete with stackable pad adapters to provide added clearance when needed. Made in the USA. BUY NOW.



  • 9,000 lb lifting capacity
  • Dual air bags (No Hydraulics)
  • Includes rubber support pads
  • Dual push button control allows the operator to raise the jack while keeping both hands in a safe position.
  • The universal mounting brackets adjust to a lift rail opening of 38.685” to 52.1875” measured from center to center of the rail.
  • The rollers compress while under load to prevent the jack from rolling while in operation.
  • Lowering is accomplished with one hand on the release lever and the other hand releasing the mechanical safety stop.
  • Total weight of jack – 350 pounds