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Makes easy work of changing struts with our efficient air operated strut compressor. This is a reliable tool for today’s safety-conscious shops that features adjustable and extra strong clamps.


The system of compressing the spring at four points during the compression process assures an even distribution of force.  The Lower Support Plate supports the strut when upper cap is removed and prevents the strut from falling.  Allows for full use of both hands.  Safety valve prevents operation if guard is not correctly positioned.


The DB-8000-XL makes easy work of changing struts and is designed to aid in replacing struts, springs and strut assembly components
It quickly, easily, and safely compresses and removes springs for replacement and repair of strut components. Can handle the heaviest of “coil over shocks”.

Adjustable extra strong clamps – single and double clamps are interchangeable to meet any shape of the coil.  Perfect grip every time.  A storage tray to keep your tools handy is also included. Weighs 190 lbs.